Croatian cuisine

Croatian people like to cook and eat well and still enjoy some of the traditional dishes that have been around for decades, some even for centuries.

So, if you are visiting Croatia and would like to eat like a local, we bring you a helpful guide to some of the essential Croatian dishes. 


S roštilja (or na gradele)– grilled

Pečeno– roasted

Pod pekom – cooked in a stone oven under an iron (bell) cover.

Na lešo– boiled in broth or water (lamb, beef, fish)


Miješano meso– assorted roasted meat

Ražnjići– skewers

Zagrebački odrezak– a veal steak stuffed with ham and cheese, coated with bread crumbs and then fried

Lignje– squid

Salata od hobotnice– octopus salad

Crni rižot– cuttlefish risotto

Dagnje ili mušule – mussels

Škampi– scampi


Gulaš– goulash

Grah– bean stew

Riblji paprikaš or fiš-paprikaš– spicy fish stew from Slavonia

Brudet or brodet– fish stew

Pašticada– Dalmatian beef stew

Tripice or fileki– tripe stew

Zelena menestra– cabbage and meat dish (Dubrovnik area)


Fuži– Istrian type of pasta

Štrukli– baked or cooked filled pastry from Zagorje

Krpice sa zeljem– pasta with stewed cabbage

Šporki makaruli– traditional pasta with meat sauce, from Dubrovnik and surrounding area


Mlinci– roasted flatbread, usually served with roasted duck

Blitva s krumpirom– cooked chard and potatoes seasoned with olive oil and garlic

Povrće na lešo– cooked vegetables seasoned with olive oil and sometimes garlic


Punjene paprike– peppers filled with minced meat and rice, usually served with mashed potates

Sarma– sauerkraut rolls filled with minced pork meat and rice, usually served with mashed potatoes

Lepinje– flat bread

Pogača– traditional bread


Štrudla (or savijača)– apple strudel or curd cheese strudel

Orehnjača and makovnjača– sweet breads (rolls) with walnut or poppy seed filling

Palačinke– crêpes

Bučnica– summer squash and cottage cheese pie (savory or sweet)

Krafne or pokladnice– doughnuts

Rožata or rozata– flan

Pinca– sweet bread made on Easter

Fritule– deep-fried dough

Mađarica– layer cake

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