How to greet somebody is probably the first thing you would want to know when learning a foreign language or visiting some country for the first time. 

If you’re learning Croatian (or know somebody from Croatia) you’ve probably already mastered hello and thank you, however there are many other greetings and social expressions to be used on different occasions. Knowing them might make you feel more comfortable when chatting to your Croatian friends, family or neighbours so read on and try using some of these expressions the first chance you get! 

Dobro jutro! Good morning!
Dobar dan! Good afternoon!
Dobra večer! ⇒ Good evening!
Laku noć! ⇒ Good night!
Doviđenja! ⇒ Goodbye!
Vidimo se sutra! ⇒ See you tomorrow!
Hvala, također. ⇒ Thanks, you too. 
                                   Thank you, likewise.
Bok! / Bok! ⇒ Hi! Hello! or Goodbye!
Drago mi je. Pleased to meet you.
Dođi na kavu! ⇒ Come over for a coffee!
Želim vam ugodan dan!  ⇒ Have a nice/good day!
Što ima? ⇒ What’s up?
Živjeli! Cheers!
Uživaj! ⇒ Enjoy! /Have fun!


P1: Kako si/ste?(inf./form) ⇒ How are you?

P2: Odlično! / Dobro sam. ⇒ I’m great! I’m OK.






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