Days of the Week

    There are seven days in a week. People in Croatia consider Monday to be the first day of the week and children are taught in schools to recite the days of the week starting with Monday. So how did the days of the week get their names? PONEDJELJAK (Monday) This day used to celebrate the Moon (Luna dies)… Read More

Months of the Year in Croatian

In many European languages the names of the months are based on the Roman calendar and are easy to recognize for foreign language speakers for this reason. However, the Croatian names of the months originate from archaic Slavic words and phrases which depict the changing of the seasons and the different tasks related to those seasons: Siječanj (January) This month… Read More

Croatian Cuisine

Croatian cuisine Croatian people like to cook and eat well and still enjoy some of the traditional dishes that have been around for decades, some even for centuries. So, if you are visiting Croatia and would like to eat like a local, we bring you a helpful guide to some of the essential Croatian dishes.  WAYS OF PREPARING FOOD: S… Read More